Anonymous:  I hope you'll be feeling better soon buttercup. Im sorry things aren't very nice for you right now. but just like shit that's happened to you years ago, this too will pass and it'll all be better okay? I genuinely do care, I don't know you personally or in real life. You seem like a really lovely deserve the best and you shouldn't beat yourself up over things because sometimes shit happens and I know it isn't easy but when you stop blaming yourself for things you'll be happier for it.

I love you, you’re such a magnificent person and I hope you get everything you want. Really, you’re beautiful.

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh cry I’m so sad and stupid I wish I would stop messing everything up


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The linked headstones of two lovers who refused to let go, even in Death
Until 40 years ago, Catholic and protestant establishments in the Netherlands were separate from one another as a result of Pillarisation, a widespread politico-denominational segregation. Churches, supermarkets, and other public places were segregated by religious and political beliefs. 
All of this sets the scene to the story of Protestant Colonel J.C.P.H of Aeffderson and Catholic noblewoman J.W.C Van Gorkum. Their marriage would’ve caused a storm of scandal back in the 19th century. Not only was it religiously mixed, but they were from two very different social classes. However, despite all of the taboo in 19th century society, the couple’s marriage lasted for 40 years, only ending with the colonel’s death.
Eight years later, when his wife passed away, her wishes dictated that she wanted to be buried next to her husband. Pillarisation was still in effect at the time, and according to the law, this was impossible. However, with a little creative stonework, both Husband and wife were linked eternally together in a different way.
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Such a great story.





i’ve found my favourite 

I had a really lovely night with my baby

Cobaltocalcite; Agoudal Mine, Morocco
I dyed my hair again tell me how shocked you are. I’m off to Daniels house for a dumpling date yay.
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